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Recursos energètics i crisi. La fi de 200 anys irrepetibles

llibre carles riba

Energy resources and crisis. The end of 200 unique years
Carles Riba Romeva

The natural resources are finite, especially non-renewable energies, a fact that politicians and business leaders seems not consider. The author wonders if it will be possible to maintain the system of industrial development started about 200 years ago with the exploitation of coal and later oil, natural gas and uranium.

The analysis of this book is based on data from the major energy agencies (EIA, Energy Information Administration, the U.S. government, and the IEA, IEA, International Energy Agency of OECD) and other statistical sources internationally recognized, appropriately checked and reworked.
Outcomes contradict many official arguments. They show that the energy
crisis will be deep and it will manifest itself in this decade: the resources does not end immediately, but the shortage of supply in front of the increased demand will question the paradigm of continuous growth. It is suggested that the financial crisis has been a prelude.

Reducing energy will start for oil, that will lead a transport crisis, stopping globalized production and, ultimately, a food crisis (also in
developed countries!). Climate change (unstoppable, from the trends analyzed) will add difficulties to the necessary readaptations.

What role could Europe play in the future once energetic resource will be exhausted?

Iniciativa Digital Politècnica
Centre de Disseny d'Equips Industrials (CDEI)
Institut universitari de recerca en Ciència i Tecnologies de la Sostenibilitat (IS.UPC).

ISBN: 978-84-7653-590-5