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Energy Access for the poor in Sub-Saharan Africa to meet the Millennium Development Goals (Energy for All 2030)
Access to energy services is essential for achieving the eight Millennium Development Goals (ODM). In Sub-Saharan Africa, 2 out of 3 families, especially in rural areas, live without electricity or access to modern energy services.
Solutions based on decentralized infrastructures and renewable energy sources are often the only feasible option for users with low energy demands in remote areas. The main objectives are:

  • To contribute to the achievement of the MDGs in marginalised rural and urban areas in the poorest SSA countries, through improved energy access at local level
  • To raise public and political support across the EU for a the European Union resolution on energy access for the poor and to ensure that support of energy access is turned into action.

Scope: International.
Partners: Practical Action (United Kingdom), Stockholm Environment Institute (Sweden), EDUCON (Czech Republic) and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain). Led by: Practical Action.
Funded by: EuropeAid. Code: DCI-NSA ED/2009/201-885. With the co-fundig of CCD - fons 0,7% UPC.
Start Date: 01.04.2010. Estimated date of completion: 01.04.2013.
Principal Investigator (PI): Enrique Velo