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Els principis de la sostenibilitat

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Els principis de la sostenibilitat

(The Principles of Sustainability)

Simon Dresner

Sustainability is certainly a highly topical subject, omnipresent and full of uncertainty, where certain concepts are still unclear. The author provides an overview that discusses the origins and evolution of ideas that left their mark, not only in the academic, scientific, political and social discussions, but also in major international decisions that may influence a paradigm shift in the relationship of humans among themselves and with their current common house.
Far beyond the limits and the consensus that have been established on the "sustainable development", the author attempts to provide answers to the complex issue of which is the future of sustainability in the current international crisis context and the need of structural changes.

Catalan Edition, 2009
Edicions UPC. Col·lecció Manuals, 12
ISBN: 978-84-9880-360-0