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Gassó Domingo, Santiago

Coordinador del Programa de Doctorado de Ingeniería Ambiental


directorio UPC

Emisiones atmosféricas, calidad del aire, sistemas de gestión ambiental y toma de decisiones ambientales.

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Producción científica

Artículos seleccionados

Baldasano, J.M.; Pay, M.T.; Jorba, O.; Gassó, S.; Jiménez-Guerrero, P. (2011). "An annual assessment of air quality with the CALIOPE modeling system over Spain", Science of the Total Environment, 409 (11): 2163–2178.

Chiriac, R.; Carré, J.; Perrodin, Y.; Vaillant, H.; Gassó, S.; Miele, P. (2010). "Study of the dispersion of VOCs emitted by a municipal solid waste landfill", Atmospheric Environment, 43 (11): 1926-1931.

Gangolells, M.; Casals, M.; Gassó, S.; Forcada, N.; Roca, X.; Fuertes, A. (2009). "A methodology for predicting the severity of environmental impacts related to the construction process of residential buildings", Building and Environment, 44 (3): 558-571.

Baldasano, J.M.; Güereca, L. P.; López, E.; Gassó, S.; Jimenez-Guerrero, P. (2008). "Development of a high-resolution (1 km x 1 km, 1 h) emission model for Spain: the High-Elective Resolution Modelling Emission System (HERMES)", Atmospheric Environment, 42 (31): 7215-7233.

Jiménez P.; Jorba, O.; Baldasano, J.M.; Gassó, S. (2008) "The Use of a Modelling System as a Tool for Air Quality Management: Annual High-Resolution Simulations and Evaluation", The Science of Total Environment, 390 (2-3): 323-340.