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In recent years, the family of alumni, both in the master's and doctoral programs, has been growing and, as it cannot be otherwise, gaining experience and evolving in areas often far away from the strictly academic arena. With the intention and hope of improving this aspect, as well as the general experience that the new generations of students can obtain from the master's and doctoral program, from the ISST we want to promote and formally establish the exchange of personal and professional experiences among all of us.

In this sense, the goal of the ISST in relation to the Alumni community is to:

  1. Periodically organize workshops for the exchange of experiences between employers, students and alumni, with the intention of collecting your experiences for (a) the adaptation and revision of the contents of the master's degree and, (b) that they can be used as of guidance and inspiration to new generations.
  2. Evaluate every five years how the fact of ending the master's and/or the doctoral program in the field of sustainability has affected the professional life of our students.

If this master's degree exists, it is to train people capable of influencing the improvement of sustainability from their daily work, but above all to serve their students to improve their personal and professional expectations. The results of these activities are listed below.


Alumni survey (2019)