Postgraduate in Circular Economy

Tools and strategies in Industrial Innovation

The figure of the circular economy expert has taken on great importance, as a professional with the ability to incorporate a strategic, technological and managerial vision in the new paradigm of the European Union's productive system. The aim is to develop a professional profile capable of generating and implementing actions within society, administration and industry, in order to be able to lead the transition towards a more sustainable economy.

At the end of 2015, the European Union published a new package of circular economy measures to boost competitiveness, create jobs and generate sustainable growth. These measures are transforming the economy and opening up new business opportunities that take into account the entire life cycle of products, not limited to the manufacturing or end-of-life stages. Five years after its adoption, the EU considers the Circular Economy Action Plan to be complete, and the 54 measures of the Plan are already underway or being implemented. As a result, innovative and more efficient ways of producing and consuming have emerged.

The postgraduate course in Circular Economy. Tools and Strategies for Sustainable Business Transition aims to train professionals capable of giving concrete and measurable answers to companies that see sustainable development as an opportunity for innovation, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the circular economy as a great competitive advantage.