Torres López, Antonio Luis

Thesis supervisor of the PhD Programme in Sustainabilty

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Study of economic, environmental and social aspects of municipal waste generation in a metropolitan area that influence the management of waste. New processes of production of cellulosic materials for paper recycling and more respectful of the environment and reducing energy consumption.

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Scientific production

Selected papers

Cadena, E.M.; Vidal, T.; Torres, A.L. (2010) "Can the laccase mediator system affect the chemical and refining properties of the eucalyptus pulp?", Bioresource Technology, 101(21):8199-8204.

Cadena, E.M.;  Chiriac, A. I.; Pastor, F.I. J.; Diaz, P.; Vidal, T.; Torres, A.L. (2010) "Use of cellulases and recombinant cellulose binding domains for refining TCF kraft pulp", Biotechnology Progress, 26(4):960-967.

Cadena, E.M; Vidal, T.; Torres, A.L. (2010) "Influence of the hexenuronic acid content on refining and ageing in eucalyptus TCF pulp", Bioresource Technology, 101(10):3554-3560.

Cadena,  E.M.; Garcia, J.; Vidal, T.; Torres, A.L. (2009) "Determination of zeta potential and cationic demand in ECF and TCF bleached pulp from eucalyptus and flax. Influence of measuring conditions", Cellulose, 16(3): 491-500.

Álvarez, M.D.; Sans, R.; Garrido, N.; Torres, A.L. (2008) "Factors that affect the quality of the bio-waste fraction of selectively collected solid waste in Catalonia", Waste Management, 28(2):359-366.