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UPC plan for sustainability

Màster Universitari en Ciència i Tecnologia de la Sostenibilitat
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The Research Institute of Science and Technology for Sustainability - IS.UPC coordinates and streamlines the 2015 Sustainable UPC Plan by:

    • Promoting and coordinating inter and trans-disciplinary research, development and innovation in Sustainability and Environment.
    • Promoting and coordinating the implementation of the principles of Science and Technology for Sustainability within the university (Campuses as a labs).
    • Designing, implementing and / or coordinating doctoral studies, masters degrees and lifelong-learning studies in Sustainability Science and Environmental Engineering.
    • Promoting, within the UPC, the inclusion of skills in sustainability and social commitment in degree and master courses, together with the Institute of Education Sciences.
    • Advising on University management and quality control processes.
    • Supporting the UPC Sustainability Committee.
    • Participating in working groups and networks.