About us

Research Institute in Sustainability Science and Technology (IS.UPC)

Director Elisabet Roca Bosch

The IS.UPC is a basic unit of the UPC that functions as an institute and promotes and carries out research on sustainability. It aims to:

Strengthen the postgraduate programmes that it organises and coordinates (master’s degree in Sustainability and doctoral degree in Sustainability) by contributing the results of research in sustainability, and feed these results back into all of the University’s educational programmes.

Open up sustainability research to as many of the University’s researchers as possible in the manner that is deemed most appropriate.

Make the management of the University, as a source of research needs and a field of study and experimentation, a focus of the Institute’s activity.

Disseminate and spark debate on the results of research carried out at the IS.UPC, both to the university community and to society as a whole.

Engage with society via economic activities and a range of social entities and give support to civil society’s demands, with the aim of promoting progress towards more sustainable models.

The Institute’s mission is to generate technical and conceptual tools to create a more sustainable production model, and to collaborate in the UPC’s endeavour to provide scientific and technical support for social, cultural and economic progress.

The IS.UPC is active in the following areas, in which the aim is the sustainable development of skills in architecture, science and engineering:

  • Research.
  • Postgraduate and doctoral education and other specialised teaching activities aimed at the achievement of academic diplomas or otherwise.
  • Technology transfer.
  • Internal promotion of a culture of sustainability (UPC 2015 Sustainability Plan).